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Cecy's Gallery 417 Foster St, Durham: I have a section in store with pillows, mugs, art and jewelry. M-F, 11-5:30p/Sat 9-3pm


December 10th - Life Changing Holiday POP UP, 2-6PM

Cambria Hotel, RDU Airport. 300 Airgate Dr, Morrisville NC 27460




HI there! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm Jennifer, and I'm glad you're here! 

What is LoveJones Co?



It is my love for creating food, jewelry, custom gifts and joyful experiences.  I am the proud granddaughter of Richard and Fannie Jones. The name 'Jones' for me means family, hard work, tradition, loyalty and love.

I chose the name LoveJones for those reasons, but let's talk about what it means....a 'lovejones' is a deep, strong desire for something.  Simply put, that's how I want you to feel about all of the good things in life! Have a 'lovejones' for kindness (and popcorn)!  I believe that when we live and love with our hearts open, it affords us more joy.  THAT IS IT....I am here to promote JOY!

Handmade. Lovemade. 

All items are handcrafted  with care and passion. Whether it's gourmet candied popcorn or a unique piece from my jewelry collection, everything is made with love and a quality standard you can count on.


ohhhh so good!

LoveJones Co. candied popcorn is crafted in small batches with high quality ingredients.  All flavors are made with the perfect salt balance so that nothing is too sweet.  Shop my popcorn flavor collections for amazing candy, and chocolate options including add ins like pretzels, Oreos and  the popular caramel bacon!  Your popcorn ships in a 5oz. or 12oz. airtight bag and guaranteed fresh upon arrival.  When kept in the resealable bag and stored in a cool, dry environment, your popcorn stays fresh for 8-12 weeks! 

We've carried that perfectly balanced sweetness mindset into all of our desserts.  Click on FOOD to see our menu items.

Green Leaves


We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.  I chose the name 'Adorn' for my jewelry line because it means to enhance what is already beautiful. Adorn yourself with a handmade piece from the LoveJones Co. collection - Each piece is unique so once a piece is sold, there isn't another identical piece.  It is uniquely yours!  Earrings, necklaces and bracelets with semi precious stones, crystals, and handcrafted leather jewelry for your unique taste. All pieces are for all people so I don't use gender labels.  When it makes sense, I will include sizing to help you. 

Many of my pieces are constructed with semi precious stone. Agate is a favorite; it is an excellent stone for re-balancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit. I also use jasper, quartz and other natural materials like cow bone and leather. Each item has photos and a detailed description.​ Jewelry posts are added to our IG page frequently, make sure you head over to Instagram and follow @lovejones.lovemade

Pillow Talk

'Pillow talk' is our line of motivational and inspiring decor pillows. What you have in your space impacts your life so let's keep it positive!
Choose a message that you feel! Some favorites are, "Music is my love language" or "Grow through it". 
There are a wide array of colors to choose from to match your decor in an 18x18 or 12x20 inch size.
I'm happy to talk customization, please reach out! I have to say one of the BEST features about our pillows is that they are machine washable. I'll include a care card with your order. 
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