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Thrifting has been around since the 1920s so this is nothing new, pun intended.  Making the old new again allows us to purchase beautiful and unique fashions just right for our style and budget. Thrifted ladies care about quality but we understand that the clothes are nothing without us...My personal style has always been based in class and sophistication but has evolved over the past couple of years.  I have found a new freedom in expressing myself and I'm now in love with taking huge fashion risks like mixing patterns and wearing lots of color.  This evolution was inspired by taking a deep dive into who I truly am vs. living as who I thought I should be. I'm developing the courage to love and live as I was created to. SHOP the ever-changing THRIFTed collection by LoveJones Co.      

 **All thrifted items are non refundable. Please read the description carefully and ask any questions you need before making your purchase. 

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